Christmas Clown

Our Christmas Clown for hire will create a barrel of laughs and memories for you and your family at your next Christmas event. This Christmas entertainer is available to book for a variety of events across London and the UK.

Why Book Our Christmas Clown?

  • A wide repertoire of skills – juggling, stilt walking, unicycle etc.
  • Very experienced in traditional circus style entertainment
  • A truly unique character that gets everyone engaged
  • Available to hire for a variety of events – Christmas parties, shopping centres etc.
  • Brings fun, laughter and magic to the Christmas season
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Hire our Christmas Clown for your Christmas party or corporate event at destinations across London and the UK. This Christmas entertainer will have all your guests amazed with his array of circus skills and comic sketches, using his many talents to provide the party with all-round entertainment. This walkabout act is suitable for any event and makes himself a crowd favourite wherever he performs.

Having travelled the globe performing his innovative act, this Christmas entertainer has a wealth of experience connecting and engaging with different types of audience. This makes his act perfect if you want everyone to get involved with the Christmas entertainment at your event. There’s no room for being shy once the Christmas Clown gets going – a sure bet to get all your guests mingling and talking.

Among many of his talents, this Christmas entertainer has mastered the art of riding a unicycle and juggling with fire, so can add an element of awe to his comic performance at your Christmas event. As far as Christmas entertainment goes, it’ll be hard to find an act as versatile as the Christmas Clown. He’s as multitalented as Christmas entertainers come and certainly a spectacle to behold.

As unique as he sounds, this Christmas entertainer is also available to hire as a duo or trio for events across London and the UK. If you want to give your guests an experience to remember at your Christmas event, then this option is definitely worth considering. Be prepared for the most extreme of balancing acts if you choose to double, or even triple, the number of entertainers.

If you want Christmas entertainment that fuses comedy and circus skills to create an unforgettable experience for your guests, then this is the act for you. To hire this Christmas entertainer for your event then be sure to get in touch with us soon.

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