The Bird in Black

The bird in black is one of extremely creepy Halloween themed stilt walkers for hire in the UK. Dressed completely in black covered in feathers, and with her face shrouded with the mask of a raven, this stilt walker is a truly unsettlingly amazing character.

Reasons to hire this artist

  • Bespoke performances
  • Meet and greet option
  • Wears the mask of raven
  • Photo opportunities available
  • Spooky costume including feathers
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Our Halloween stilt walker and interactive entertainment is a creepy yet entertaining form of Halloween-themed entertainment, the Halloween stilt act and interactive entertainment will wow your guests as the Halloween stilt walker roams around your venue.

As the Halloween stilt act makes her way around your Halloween-themed venue, the Halloween stilt walker will meet and greet your guests and the Halloween performer will keep guests entertained throughout the night. Our Halloween performer is the perfect interactive entertainment as the Halloween stilt walker will interact and take several photos with and for your guests to ensure that your Halloween-themed event is memorable and never forgotten.

Our interactive entertainment is perfect for Halloween-themed events, corporate events, product launches and even family fun days. The Halloween performer creates a mixed character performance which makes our Halloween stilt act and Halloween stilt walkers perfect for Halloween-themed events.

Our Halloween performer and interactive entertainment will create bespoke and unique Halloween-themed performances to suit the requirements of your event.

The Halloween performer and Halloween stilt walker are dressed in all black and covered in black feathers making the Halloween-themed entertainment and interactive entertainment even more creepy than before. The Halloween stilt act wears the raven mask adding to the spookiness and uniqueness of this Halloween stilt act. Our Halloween stilt act and Halloween performer will create performances as scary as you’d like, if you want to scare guests at your next Halloween-themed event then our Halloween performer would be perfect!

The Halloween performer can also tone down her scariness to attend events such as family fun days, Children will be in awe at our Halloween stilt walkers and stilt act fantastic costume and will love how interactive our interactive entertainment and Halloween-themed entertainment is.

Our Halloween performer, Halloween-themed entertainment and interactive entertainment are available to book for corporate events, family fun days, Halloween-themed events, product launches and more in London and the UK. For an unforgettable event hire our unique Halloween act, Halloween stilt act and silt walkers for your next event whether it is a Halloween-themed event or not. Hire our stilt walker today.

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