Frosted Rosette

Our Frosted Rosette has a magical LED costume, completing this enchanting puppet walkabout act inspired by ancient folklore.

This Christmas entertainer has wandered the lands of London and the UK for thousands of years and has a catalogue of festive stories for guests at your next Christmas themed event to indulge in.

Why Book Frosted Rosette?

  • Walkabout act never fails to captivate audiences whether they’re young or old
  • Clients are never shy in sharing their wonderment for her awesome LED costume
  • Extremely friendly Christmas entertainer is experienced with guest interaction
  • The incredibly witty Christmas act will brighten up any shopping centre event
  • Will leave all guests guessing as to how and where the puppeteer is concealed
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Watch Frosted Rosette in Action!

Our Frosted Rosette is an adorable walkabout act that will charm all guests at your Christmas themed event with her amazing LED costume. She’s perfect for shopping centre events and is available to book for destinations across London and the UK.

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Read More About Frosted Rosette

The wise and wonderful Frosted Rosette is a warm-hearted Christmas entertainer with an abundance of seasonal anecdotes to keep guests amused at your next shopping centre event. Complete with a fascinating LED costume this walkabout act will roam around your Christmas themed event the same way she’s been rambling on since time began, spreading cheer and the spirit of Christmas spirit as she goes. This welcoming Christmas entertainer will find a place in the coldest of hearts.

This walkabout act really has been around long enough to have seen it all. It’s rumoured she was an adviser to Alfred the Great when he successfully defended London and the UK from the Viking invasion and played a considerable role in Queen Elizabeth’s victory over the Spanish Armada. You can imagine then the wealth of experience this Christmas entertainer has to draw from when it’s time for the festive stories to come out. Don’t ask her how she acquired her LED costume though … or you’ll never make it home in time for the big day.

It is, however, perhaps the most spectacular LED costume you’ll ever see, so it’s understandable if you’re tempted. It’s rumoured that this walkabout act once brought a photograph of her wearing it at a ball celebrating Queen Victoria’s coronation, before the first LED costume was invented, further fuelling the rumours as to the extent of her mystical powers. There isn’t another Christmas entertainer around that has been at the centre of such intrigue since the last sighting of Saint Nick himself.

This walkabout act is a must-have if you want to create a truly magical Christmas atmosphere at your next shopping centre event. For more information on how to book this Christmas entertainer and her mysterious LED costume, get in touch with us a soon as you can … or someone else will have nabbed her!

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