Grotto Room Transformation

Do you want a Santa’s Grotto in your office event but don’t have space for it? We make it possible!

We have transformed meeting rooms into a Grotto’s along with open spaces where we have designed them to look like Santa’s living room.

Santa’s Grottos are the most magical Seasonal Attraction and an amazing way to bring on the Christmas Spirit to your event, engaging your guests of all ages, big and small.

However, sometimes the venue simply doesn’t have the space to fit an entire Grotto Setup.

If this is you, or you simply want to break away from the traditional Christmas Grotto setups and prefer incorporating the idea into your Event’s Theme, our Grotto Room Transformation services are for you!


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Make your Christmas Event possible with our Santa’s Grotto Event Theme!

Our Santa’s Grotto Room Setup will allow you to have a fully functional Grotto without the need to hire and transport heavy setups and props.

Also, the Grotto Venue Dressing Service is incredibly versatile and can very easily encompass your vision and theme of your event. We can bring our Grotto Room and Christmas Decoration services to any location but they are especially perfect for:

  • Office buildings and businesses
  • Supermarkets and Shopping Centres
  • Private Homes looking for an indoors Grotto or have a garden cabin
  • Conference Rooms and Exhibition Stalls
  • Cinemas looking for an indoors Grotto
  • Or, really, any space that you are choosing to dress as a Grotto!

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Are you looking for versatility, Christmas cheerful entertainment, and functionality?

The main reasons that our clients tend to have to book our Christmas Grotto Room transformation are:

  • They don’t enough space for a full Grotto setup
  • They are looking for a more versatile option
  • They are looking for a Xmas Grotto Event Theme
  • They need a one-day setup that can be quickly packed down
  • They need to cut costs without losing quality


Tell us your Grotto Room Transformation wildest ideas and we will make it happen!

It all starts with a phone or face to face conversation about your vision. From there, our events team will take a few steps:

  • Assess the space and pick the decorations
  • Find the right Santa and Elves Entertainers for you
  • Put together a Theming plan for you
  • Dress the venue, run the Grotto for you and pack down


We have over 20 years of expertise in Event Management and Entertainment.

Hence, we understand our client’s event needs very well -this is why we decided to innovate the Grotto concept!

That makes us one of the only Events Companies out there that offer the Grotto Room Transformation service.

We also understand how stressful it can be to organise an event during the Christmas season. Therefore, we work hard to offer full Grotto management so that you don’t have to!

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