Ice Queen Chariot Acrobats

Our Ice Queen Chariot Acrobats are a fantastic option for Christmas Themed Events as a roaming Christmas Walkabout Option.

The Christmas Acrobats propel the icy vessel (tricycle platform) through the blizzards and scatter around as two ice elves perform a breath-taking acrobatic balance routine on the front of the icy chariot.

The Acrobatic performers can also be hired as a solo act or used to perform standalone routines during the night or throughout your event.

This is a Christmas Walkabout act and Christmas Show that can roam at a Christmas Event or can be a static installation for an in-situ audience. Ideal for shopping centres and public events over the Festive Season. Our Winter Wonderland Themed Acrobats can be hired to perform in the UK for public, corporate and private Christmas events.

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