Interactive Polar Bear Show

The story of our polar bear began in the Arctic North of Canada. Abandoned as a cub he was discovered and raised by an Arctic conservationist. Today, our polar bear and his companion travel the world sharing stories of the beautiful and delicate world of the Arctic.

Our polar bear is completely comfortable with people, so if you get the chance to meet him then you might get to give him a stroke or a pat – If you’re brave enough. Alongside his arctic conservationist, our polar bear in the centrepieces of an interactive show, which involves both a petting zoo and a nature documentary.

During the show, you will learn how exactly Arctic polar bears survive in the wild and will be given the chance to get up close and meet our bear! His friendly personality and love for being patted will give you a magical and interactive experience.

Ideal for family audiences of 100-200 people per sitting, this entertainment is ideal for private parties, family fun day events and much more. For more information on how to book this interactive polar bear show, simply get in contact today.

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Our incredible Interactive Polar Bear Show will blow away you and children with it’s likeness to a real bear. This delightful walkabout act will entertain and excite the children as interact and learn more about polar bears and their habitat. Our fun-filled Polar Bear will charm everyone he meets and the children will definitely make a new friend. Take a look at our video of this gentle creature in action.

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