The Glacial Circus Show

Our Winter-themed cirque-style show provides an incredible variation of circus-themed performances that will leave you spellbound. This stunning circus show features; Cyr wheel acrobats, contortionists, hand balance acrobats, acro dancers and more.

With their glistening costumes and Winter Wonderland-themed stage design, our cirque-style performers will transport you to a magical icy land.

Reasons To Book The Glacial Circus Show:

  • Based in London & Dubai
  • A high impact stage production
  • Incredible themed costumes & stage design
  • Multi-faceted circus show which contains; acrobalance, contortion & hand balance
  • Winter-themed stage show perfect for the whole family
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Watch The Glacial Circus Show In Action!

Take a look at our stunning circus stage show. This winter-themed circus show features a range of different circus entertainers such as acrobalance acrobats, a Cyr wheel performer, contortionists, acro dancers and much more. This beautiful Christmas-themed stage show will be sure to captivate people of all ages at your next event.

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Our Winter Wonderland-themed circus stage show features a stunning array of cirque-style performers who will amaze you with their display of acrobalance, contortion, Cyr wheel, acro dance, juggling, hand balance and rhythmic dance. This incredible circus stage show has been arranged by a highly talented choreographer and will be sure to create an unforgettable event for all.

These Winter Wonderland-themed circus entertainers perform a stunning bespoke production that is perfect for audiences of all ages. Our graceful circus acrobats wear bespoke Winter-themed costumes that help to create a magical atmosphere for everyone.

These talented circus entertainers have performed across the world and are always eager to explore new locations by taking this circus stage show to places unknown. We have a variety of Winter-themed ground-based circus acts that are featured throughout the circus stage show. Our circus acrobats and circus entertainers all work in perfect sync to deliver a seamless circus stage show.

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This circus show features a range of cirque-style circus entertainers including a hand balance acrobat who demonstrates his incredible strength and balance.

The show also features adagio acrobalance performers who use each other to balance on. These elegant circus entertainers exhibit beautiful poise and incredible trust to deliver a stunning display of cirque-style performances.

Our Winter Wonderland-themed acrobatic stage show also features a Cyr Wheel acrobat who will put you in a spin with his constant rotations. Our circus entertainer’s amazing precision allows him to perfectly rotate and control the balance of the Cyr wheel at any point.

The theme that encompasses the circus stage show and runs throughout is that of Winter Wonderland. Our stunning circus entertainers have the most stunning costumes that are a mixture of royal blues and glistening whites which create the perfect Arctic chill factor for the audience.

The stage design and production also encapsulate the Winter Wonderland theme and incorporates glowing lights, amazing LED-screen backdrops and actual falling snow. This circus stage features a range of high-end stage production that will enhance our event even further than before.

From our incredible circus contortionists to our talented acro dancers, jugglers, Cyr wheel acrobat and more, this array of Winter Wonderland-themed circus entertainers will provide a magical circus stage show that will be sure to mesmerise everyone.

Our Winter Wonderland-themed Cirque stage show is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Winter Wonderland events, Christmas-themed events or corporate events in London and Dubai.


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