LED Christmas Presents

Our LED Christmas Presents are a fantastic mix and mingle Christmas entertainment act, providing an elegant and sophisticated night of festive fun! The LED Christmas Presents are a roller-skating Christmas duo!

Our LED Christmas performers are a sparkling act that is dazzling and mesmerising. This Christmas walkabout act will delight the crowds with their festive spirit. Our roller skating act is would be perfect for any shopping centre event or light switch on.

Why Book Our LED Christmas Presents?

  • Our Christmas Entertainment duo have been performing internationally since 2005
  • Our Christmas party entertainer provides bespoke & unique Christmas performances
  • Previous clients include; Nokia, BBC, Nofit State and T-Mobile
  • These LED Christmas performers are adaptable & stylistic making them stand out
  • Our Christmas walkabout act is innovative and festive
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Watch Our LED Christmas Presents In Action!

Watch our Christmas LED performers glide elegantly throughout the video, this act will delight you with their excitement. This eclectic duo will brighten your event, as a Christmas Entertainment Agency, we bring you this unique and festive act. Our LED Christmas performers are a lighthearted act that the whole family can enjoy. This Christmas walkabout act would be perfect for any Christmas light switch on event as they will literally illuminate the night.

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Read More About Our LED Christmas Presents

Our Christmas walkabout act will bring elegance and an air of whimsy to your event, keeping your audience mesmerised as this act skates around. This gliding duo is a delight as they bring their vintage roller skating act alive with a sparkle of LED lights.

As a Christmas Entertainment Agency, our meet and greet duo will illuminate your audience. Expect a night of wonderment as our LED performers light up the night with their oversized bows, perfect to surprise and excite children within the crowd. Our Christmas party entertainers are a highly interactive duo that will easily glide about any event.

This roller-skating act is easily able to glide their way through your event, dazzling with their glamour and pirouette skills. Our illumination act can easily catch your eye, they can quickly appear and disappear into the night within a flash.

Our LED Christmas performers are an authentic act, twinkling around as duo presents. This vintage roller skating act is completely unique, they have worked with companies such as; BBC, Nokia, and Nofit State to name a few. These Christmas party entertainers can easily create bespoke performances to fit into your event, leaving your guest with a festive feeling.

If you’re looking for an LED Christmas walkabout act then this duo is perfect, they are available for cooperate events, light switch on, late-night shopping and late-night events. Our roller skating act will create the ultimate Christmas feeling for your audience, leaving them with a twinkle in their eye. This Christmas walkabout act is highly festive and comical.

Our mix and mingle entertainers are a wondrous and playful LED Christmas act that will delight, dazzle and excite. This ground-based act is available to hire across Bristol and the UK. Our Christmas party entertainers are available to hire for themed events, light switch on events or winter wonderland events.

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