The Christmas Stroller

The Christmas Stroller is a unique comedy Christmas act in which a charmingly sweet Nanny pushes around two of the most mischievous twin babies.

This Christmas entertainer provides a dose of light-hearted, festive laughter and is available to hire shopping centre events and children’s parties London and the UK.

Why Book The Christmas Stroller?

  • Highly skilled puppeteer in a pram that you won’t even know is there
  • Great Christmas act for engaging with and entertaining children
  • Incites curiosity in even the sternest faced scrooges
  • Perfect for outdoor Christmas events and shopping centre appearances
  • Beautiful bespoke decorated pram and costumes
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The Christmas Stroller and its cheeky twin puppets will warm the hearts of adults and children alike. This Christmas entertainer is perfect for all the family and is available to hire for shopping centre events and children’s parties across London and the UK.

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Read More About The Christmas Stroller

The Christmas Stroller has an excellent track record for spreading cheer to the whole family at wintertime. Perfect for children’s parties and shopping centre events, this Christmas entertainer has the ability to capture the hearts of children and their parents and leaves everyone wondering as to how on earth the act is pulled off. The team is comprised of the most charming Victorian nanny, the two twin rascals and their master puppeteer, leaving everyone guessing at your children’s party or shopping centre event in London or the UK.

Seemingly inconspicuous, the nanny carts around a beautifully ornate, Victorian-style pram which at first glance contains nothing more than inanimate pair of dolls. Then out of nowhere, when the Christmas entertainer decides to reveal their true nature, the twin puppets begin exhibiting their cheeky charm. Precisely executed, the puppet routine will steal the attention of all guests at the shopping centre appearance or children’s party, whether they’re children buzzing with festive excitement or adults who assume they’ve seen it all.

The act has been known to draw a chuckle out of the coldest of scrooges, and this Christmas entertainer certainly knows how to engage with everyone in the audience. With the true spirit of Christmas on their side, the twins have an array of festive tricks and gags that resonate with anyone. You’ll struggle to keep a straight face once this act gets going at your children’s party or shopping centre event, however mature or cool you think you may be – this Christmas entertainer is the definition of proper family fun.

‘Once again awestruck by the amazing spectacle, feathers flowing, smiles dazzling’ and ‘I would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone for any kind of event’, are just two extracts from an abundance of glowing feedback from shopping centre events and children’s parties this Christmas entertainer has received since it’s inception.

If you want to try something new and outside the box at your children’s party or shopping centre event this winter, then get in touch soon. This Christmas entertainer is available for hire across London and the UK.

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