The Christmas Acorns

The Christmas Acorns are a pair of adorable festive squirrels who’ll and abundance of sweetness to your next Christmas themed event with their walkabout act.

These Christmas entertainers are available to hire for children’s parties and shopping centre events in Bristol and across the UK.

Reasons To Book The Christmas Acorns:

  • Two of the cutest Christmas walkabout animal characters that are waiting to be embraced with Christmas joy
  • Christmas Walkabout act is highly interactive with adults and kids alike at children’s parties
  • Great for sweetening the last-minute rush at shopping centre events
  • Experienced Christmas entertainers with mastery of circus skills
  • Beautiful costumes make them look as if they’re plucked from a Winter Wonderland
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Watch The Christmas Acorns In Action!

You can watch the Christmas Acorns perform their incredible walkabout act for children’s parties. You can hire these walkabout animal characters to create a magical Winter Wonderland for your next Christmas themed event in London or the UK.

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Read more about our Christmas Acorns

The Christmas Acorns are two of the most friendly and approachable Christmas entertainers on the Winter Wonderland circuit. Their beautiful, thick, authentic fur and comfort in engaging with guests make this walkabout act an excellent choice for children’s parties and shopping centre events. Since they started performing at Christmas themed events in London and the UK, these Christmas entertainers have left a trail of delighted customers along their path to the success they’re renowned for today.

Since their inception, this walkabout act has been growing increasingly popular amongst organisers of Christmas themed events, routinely winning over new clients. These walkabout animal characters have a unique way of winning over the hearts of anyone, making them an ideal option if you’re after an abundance of festive joy for your children’s party this winter. Coated in frosty magic and filled with the pure spirit of Christmas, these Christmas entertainers look and feel as if they’ve been freshly picked from a true Winter Wonderland.

Never before have you seen such content faces at a shopping centre event as when this walkabout act is present. They have a way of transforming the most petulant of moods into nothing other than unadulterated elation, so imagine how well already excitable kids react to them at children’s parties. These walkabout animal characters have a way of capturing the essence of a Winter Wonderland that will surpass even your highest expectations and complete any Christmas themed event in London or the UK this winter.

These walkabout animal characters have a way of relaying the incomprehensible aspects of the fantastic so anyone can feel completely immersed in the magic of Christmas, therefore being an essential addition to any children’s party. For more information on how to hire these Christmas entertainers as a walkabout act to create a magnificent Winter Wonderland atmosphere for your Christmas themed event, get in touch with us as soon as you can!


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