Floral Juggler

Our contact Juggler for hire has performed worldwide, showcasing her fantastic crystal ball entertainment skills.

The summer entertainer is the perfect family entertainment for family fun days, weddings, private parties and more.

Reasons to Book Our Floral Juggler:

  • The contact Juggler has performed worldwide
  • Summer Entertainer performed at Kensington Palace
  • Previous clients include BBC and Channel 4
  • Perfect for all the family
  • Juggling, Theatre and Puppetry combined
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Crystal ball in action

Hire our costumed juggler for the perfect crystal ball entertainment that is fresh, new and exciting! This Contact juggler and summer entertainer has performed for the likes of BBC, Channel 4, Glastonbury and lots of other exciting events! She is the perfect costumed juggler for your next event.

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Crystal ball entertainment is unique, exciting and truly mesmerising. Hire our circus performer and summer entertainer to give your guests a fantastic mesmerising experience!

Our summer entertainer for hire moves crystal balls in a way that make it look as though the balls are moving in mid-air making the costumed juggler the perfect crystal ball entertainment for the whole family.

Our circus performer combines juggling, theatre and puppetry to create bespoke crystal ball entertainment that will leave all your guests in awe and want to see more. The summer entertainer is interactive keeping everybody entertained whether they be children or adults.

The contact juggler has performed at many large venues such as Glastonbury Festival, Berlins Love Parade and Kensington palace highlighting that the costumed juggler is popular and highly entertaining with her crystal ball entertainment.

Not only has our summer entertainer performed at many prestigious venues and large events she has also showcased her crystal ball entertainment worldwide, showing that she is a fantastic contact juggler for hire that would be perfect for many family events as well as corporate events and product launches.

Our costumed juggler has extensive knowledge and experience which is shown in the way that she handles the crystal balls, the summer entertainer moves seamlessly without fault leaving her audience wondering how she does what she does.

The contact juggler is not only perfect for children’s shows but also perfect for overall family events. The circus performer ensures that all guests, young or older enjoy watching her juggling.

Our contact Juggler/ costumed juggler for hire has many different costumes and themes from summer to winter, highlighting that she is available for a wide range of events from summer-themed events, winter-themed events, corporate events, family fun days and more.

The Circus performer and Contact juggler/costumed juggler has travelled worldwide and is available to hire for events across London and the UK.

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