Frosted Stilt Walkers

Our Frosted walkabout characters for hire will bring a delightfully cold ice blast to your event.

Our trio of icy characters is bedecked in crisp whites and lavish crystals which make them sparkle and shimmer in any light.

These beautifully designed characters and costumes will enhance your event this winter.

Why Book Our Frosted Stilt Walkers?

  • Over 20 years of performance experience
  • Previous clients include; HRH Prince Charles, Bulgari & Sotheby‚Äôs
  • Have performed in worldwide in countries like; China, Dubai & Spain
  • Worked with Sir Paul McCartney
  • Intricate & stunning winter-themed costumes
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Our stunning winter-themed walkabouts will be sure to sparkle and dazzle at your next event. These beautifully adorned Christmas walkabout characters will help spread the Christmas and Winter spirit at your next event. Our walkabout characters have performed across the world at various different events.

These beautifully designed walkabout characters wear bespoke costumes that would perfectly match any Winter or Christmas-themed event. Our Christmas walkabout characters are made up of the iconic Jack Frost, his frozen female companion and their glacial snow lion who wears a gorgeous mask crafted from diamante crystals. With his icicle mane and majestic aura, our winter-themed lion stilt walker will be sure to intrigue everyone at your next event. These Christmas walkabout characters will transport you to a frozen winter wonderland with their stunning costumes and interactive nature.

Our Christmas walkabout characters have travelled from the frozen wastelands to inject some wintry magic and Christmas spirit to your event. Our Jack Frost walkabout entertainer can perform with or without stilts whilst his roaming frozen female companion likes to keep her feet firmly on the ground.

Our stilt-walking snow lion is a stunning regal walkabout creature who always loves meeting new people and making new friends, making the perfect meet & greet entertainment. This walkabout animal character is highly playful and interactive and loves interacting with new people as he stands tall above the crowd.

These roaming Winter Wonderland characters are a fantastic addition to any event. They are also completely versatile as they can be hired as both walkabouts and meet & greet entertainment. The intricately icy costumes exhibited by our walkabout characters features LED lighting, which makes them perfect for both day and night-time events. Your evening event will be greatly enhanced by our LED walkabout performers.

These Christmas walkabout characters are the perfect photo opportunity and will make the event truly unforgettable. Adorned with shining crystals, bright white fabric and silver materials, our winter walkabout characters will be sure to steal the show at any Winter Wonderland-themed event.

Our Christmas-themed walkabout characters are the perfect Winter-themed entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Christmas-themed events, Winter Wonderland-themed events or corporate events in London and across the UK.

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