The Fire Breathing Ninjas

Our Fire Breathing Ninjas for hire will take your breath away with their stunning displays and are a fantastic option for Chinese New Year Events and Celebrations.

Reasons To Book The Fire Breathing Ninjas:

  • Our Fire Breathing Ninjas are a fantastic option for a range of Chinese New Year Celebrations and Events
  • The Fire Breathing Ninjas are a popular option for Public Events and Chinese New Year Street Parades
  • Available to book for Private, Corporate and Retail Clients across the UK
  • We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients as a result of providing these Fire-Breathers
  • These performers have experience performing at a range of events

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These talented entertainers have an amazing skill set that includes fire performing, acrobatics and much more. These talented performers have the power to create dragon fire and will do so right before your very eyes. Our Ninjas will amaze you as they produce large clouds of fire from nothing.

This high-energy show will instantly captivate everyone at your event and will create a lasting memory for everyone too.

These specially trained entertainers will create a sense of drama as they project huge plumes of fire. They can also perform mesmerising routines that involve twirling and rotating fire-laden props.

The Fire Breathing Ninjas are dressed in traditional outfits that include red and black fabrics with bespoke symbols that will blend into any authentic Chinese New Year events. Our Ninjas also have beautiful cloud-like patterns that perfectly add to their image and display.

Our Ninjas are a talented duo will be sure to create a fast-paced environment that will be sure to create the best time possible for you and your guests. The Fire Breathing Ninjas are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Chinese New Year Events, Corporate Events and Japanese Events in London and across the UK.

Our ninja performers are dressed in traditional black and yellow-coloured robes that help them to be swift and powerful (or other costumes as in the photos). The ninjas perform a series of spectacular routines that even include acrobatic stunts. This energetic show will captivate your audience from the start and right through to the end of the show.

If you’d like to find out more about our Fire Breathing Ninjas and other Chinese New Year Entertainment, please get in contact with a member of the team to discuss more.

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