Intelligent DJs

The most creative DJ duo, have landed and are making a big impact on the Festival scene.

From £1295

Having made a debut at Glastonbury, the Intelligent duo has watched their popularity go up and up and up… Not only do their talents end at DJ-ing but are also an amazing walkabout act as well, that will put smiles on people’s faces as they amuse your guests.

Performing at such big events and occasions has also given our DJ’s quite the reputation. Events such as Glastonbury, MTV, The Naughty Reunion, Bestival and even Richard Branson’s Garden! Willing to personalise their performances they will take requests from audiences and incorporate them into their mixes, so expect to see some Flash Gordon quotes, Yoda MC’ing and anything you would not expect.

Our DJ’s are great for any show themed entertainment but work particularly well in Sci-Fi and futuristic themed events. They are also very well suited with their Sci-Fi themed companions such as Glow bot and Glow Girls, Alien vs Predator Walkabout and other Robots.

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