St. George’s Day Stilt Walker

Our St. George Stilt Walker for hire will create a fearless and heroic time for all.

This legendary knight has battled many foes and has been on many conquests, valiantly battling for the rights of the land. Carrying an English flag high, our St. George is perfect for all British & Royal-themed events.

Our St. George is bedecked in his shining battle armour from head to toe which means he is always ready for the next noble quest.

Our British-themed stilt walker will interact seamlessly with your guests, regaling them with legendary stories of old.

St. George is an iconic figure in history and what better way to celebrate the patron saint’s day than with a real-life stilt walker.

Our St. George Stilt Walker is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Easter events, St. George’s Day parades, shopping centre events and much more.

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