The Boiled Eggs

The Boiled Eggs for hire are a duo of mischievous eggs who will run around your event, meeting and greeting people as they go.

This fun-filled and interactive duo will be sure to charm you and your guests with their sparkly attire and amusing ways.

Our walkabout Easter entertainment will put a spring back in your step by ushering in the new season and saying goodbye to Winter.

These runny eggs can be accompanied by the Chef who equally enjoys chasing after them with her spatula. Dressed in sparkling bows and hats, our Eggs will be sure to put a smile on your face this Spring.

The Boiled Eggs are a flamboyant duo who will be sure to provide egg-celent entertainment for all of the family. You’ll be delighted as The Boiled Eggs, dance, prance and comically make their way around your event.

The Boiled Eggs are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including Easter Events, shopping centre events, Family Fun Days and much more.

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Watch The Boiled Eggs In Action!

Watch The Boiled Eggs perform at a public Easter event! They get some amazing reactions from the crowd and even have a dance-off with some of the Children!

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