Brain Ball

Our ‘Brain Ball’ football game is an innovative and intriguing game. The ball is moved by the power of your brain and is guaranteed to attract a crowd with its captivating entertainment as the players battle it out to get the ball to their opponent’s side.

The objective of the game is to simply move the ball away from your goal and into your opponent’s goal. But the only way of doing this is to visualise the ball.

However, the calmer you are the better he ball moves. You could say this game could be won by a lack of effort from your brain!

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Brain Ball

As seen in the video we can see our competitors battling it out with their competitors with mind power being their greatest assets. However, it is stated that the more relaxed you are the easier it is to win. Our brain ball is an innovative entertainment idea that is guaranteed to attract attention as spectators are baffled by the imensity of this game.

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