Digital Graffiti Wall

Haven’t we all had the urge to get a can of spray paint and just become Banksy on the most convenient wall… Well, now you can do it without breaking the law and spending time in prison.

This allows you to be creative with any of your ideas. Show up to the event, take a picture and use the spray can prop to draw on the picture whatever you desire: No artistic skills required, just the ability to have fun.

Our exclusive Digital graffiti wall is a global first and allows a whole new dimension for your event should that be a wedding, corporate event or an exhibition, our service is guaranteed to be a favourite by all that attend your event.

Our graffiti wall has been used on stands at exhibitions all around the world. This service is perfect for weddings, Exhibitions and parties. Your pictures can be printed on the spot or stored on a USB for you to save and take home with you.

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