The Cyborg Robot

Our walkabout robot performer for hire is an exciting act that will captivate everyone and create a wow factor at your next event.

This high-tech interactive robot is a great walkabout technology act that is perfect for exhibitions and brand activations.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Has a voice changer which can be used for company slogans
  • Comes with coloured smoke effects for added impact
  • Customisable iPad that can play promotional videos & scrolling messages
  • Costumed minder that also has an iPad for social media activity
  • High-tech & exciting robot act
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High-tech Walkabout Robot – Watch it Here!

Our high-tech walkabout robot is an amazing act that will create a buzz at your next event. With this high-tech costume, our robot entertainer will march through your event interacting with people and showing off his video-playing chest as he goes. This walkabout sci-fi entertainer will be sure to captivate everyone at your next event.

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Our sci-fi robot act is the latest in futuristic-themed entertainment that will provide a cutting edge feel to your event.

Our walkabout robot is perfect for sci-fi themed events and will be sure to capture the imagination of your guests.

Walkabout technology entertainment is only increasing in popularity and is something that you shouldn’t miss out on. This interactive robot comes with a customisable iPad in his chest which can be programmed to play a promotional video, feature your brand’s logo or have your company’s slogan continuously scrolling.

These features make our interactive robotic entertainer perfect for brand activations, product launches or store openings.

Our interactive walkabout robot is also great for exhibition events. Clients and suppliers alike will be amazed by this high-tech walkabout robot as it will instantly make your exhibition stand, stand out from the crowd.

We have a selection of different exhibition robots for hire which is guaranteed to make an impact on trade show visitors.

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Book our high-tech customisable walkabout robot for gala dinners in London.

Our walkabout interactive robotic entertainer has a high-tech costume which features different coloured smoke effects and a robotic voice changer.

Guests and clients alike will be stunned when our towering walkabout robot starts to talk. The robotic performer can learn important phrases and company slogans can be repeated throughout the night of any corporate function or gala dinner.

This walkabout sci-fi entertainment is also perfect for sci-fi themed events, film launches or movie events. Looking almost as imposing as a Transformer, our statuesque walkabout robot will interact seamlessly with film fans at movie conventions and more.

Our chromed-out robotic entertainer will also provide the perfect photo opportunity for guests to have fun with.

Our Leeds-based high-tech walkabout robot is incredibly versatile and is perfect as both walkabout or meet and greet entertainment. The walkabout Cyborg robot is available to hire for corporate or private events in London and across the UK.

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