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Our portable sports court/football pitch is a new and innovative piece or equipment, which allows you to bring your favourite game wherever you like.

Our football courts are completely portable and able to transform into a safe, ready-made playing area for everyone to enjoy. The pitch is perfect for family fun days, brand activations, sports day events, competitions and more.

A portable football court transforms an open area into a dynamic activity area with a strong sports atmosphere that opens up the world of football to people of all walks of life.

A portable football court is an ideal tool for keeping everyone active and entertained at your next event or fun day.

Our mobile court is 15m x 10m and is built out of extremely durable panels and aluminium stations, surrounded by fabric netting approximately 3m tall. It takes around 30 minutes to set up and is completely safety checked to make sure everyone is safe and having fun!

As well as football, the portable court can be used as a playing area for several other sports also such as hockey, basketball, volleyball, netball, tennis and more.

The courts come with a full set of staff to build maintain and supervise the court in order to make sure everyone is safe, happy and ready to play!

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