Strike a Light

Strike a light is a fast-paced electronic game based on the well-known game Batak!

This game tests the reaction speed of the competitors. It’s a renowned game which is much loved by all that have the pleasure of participating, due to its addictive nature it will bring participants back, again and again.

Our strike a light adds a competitive spark to any event due to it being an intense 1v1, multiplayer game. As a result, this attraction is very popular for team building days and activities!

Strike a light is perfect for Exhibition Stands, Christmas parties, private parties and more. Not only is our game an entertaining game to play but is also very captivating game to spectate, meaning that no one is left out.

The aim of the game is to simply turn off as many lights as possible in the 30 seconds and turn off more than your opponent in the allocated time.

However, should the player not want to play against someone then they have the option to play just 1 player, The game remains the same and they still need to turn as many of the lights off as they can.

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