What exhibition stand Services do we offer?

With so much competition at trade shows and exhibitions, it’s extremely important for your Exhibition Stand to impress and attract potential clients by standing out for the right reasons.

Not only do we supply custom-built stands, but we also offer Exhibition Stand Production, providing your potential clients with interactive and engaging exhibition entertainment and attractions.

Allow us to create a bespoke exhibition stand design that is sure to impress your potential clients.

  • Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design using CAD, 3D Renders and traditional Sketches.
  • Fully Immersive and interactive Exhibition Stands
  • Bespoke Branding and Signage to suit your Brand and Brand Image
  • Project Management
  • Exhibition Entertainment & Attractions
  • Venue Liaison

Who are WE?

We are an experienced Event Management Company and Entertainment Agency with over two years experience in the events industry.

As specialise in creating bespoke Exhibition Stand design we have plenty of ways to make your stand ‘stand out’!

Our aim is to always create exciting exhibition stands and production that attracts attention for all the right reasons.

Therefore, our talented and creative Exhibition Stand designers will work with you to understand your needs and desired outcome.

With this we will create a bespoke exhibition stand production that is sure to be a success at your next trade show or event.

Our Work

Why use us?

By booking us, you are guaranteed a completely custom-built and unique exhibition stand design that will really make an impact.

Not only do we do exhibition stand design and build, but we also incorporate Entertainment and Virtual Interactivity.

  •  20+ years of experience
  • Flexible and bespoke pick and mix service
  • Events delivered across the UK and globally
  • Full range of event services
  • End to end service
  • Decades of key contacts and insider knowledge
  • Dedicated event manager
  • 5* reviews

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What we do

Our priority is to create unique, one-of-a-kind exhibition stands that are memorable to your potential clients and customers.

We do not do run of the mill exhibition stands as we want to make your exhibition stand part of a bigger event.

With our Exhibition Stand design and production, we incorporate multiple services to engage with your clientele.

We believe that exhibition stands shouldn’t just be a static shell. They should become an immersive experience to really sell your product or service.

From interactive digital activities for your clients to get involved in, to entertainment and acts that engage with your prospective customers, we offer it all.

About Us

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Exhibition Services prior to event

Due to offering bespoke services, we have a variety of services available to hire in preparation for your Exhibition.

All our Exhibition services are available to book individually or as a full package

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Strategy Consultation
  • CAD Drawings
  • Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design
  • Staff Training
  • Technology Installation
  • Exhibition Stand Installation and Management Services

Interactive Exhibition entertainment available for hire UK. Great addition to any Exhibition Stand where you are aiming for engagement and interaction.

Exhibition Services for day of event

Due to offering bespoke services, we have a variety of services available to hire in preparation for your Exhibition.

All our Exhibition services are available to book individually or as a full package

  • Live Performances
  • Staffing and Stand Management
  • Interactive Technology Hire
  • Catering
  • Music and Lighting
  • Walkabout Entertainment
  • Dedicated Project Manager overseeing the Running Order

Bespoke, Custom-Built Exhibition Stands

We create unique exhibition stand designs, but more importantly, we ensure that your exhibitions stands generate high footfall and lots of interest.

A lot of businesses end up with very similar trade shows and exhibition stands, which is why our bespoke exhibition stand design service is a must for those looking to make an impact at their next Exhibition event.

There are hundreds of companies out there that offer a range of exhibition display bundles and packages to make things easy for businesses. However, the trouble with this approach is that you end up with a similar, non-descript exhibition stand like everyone else.

If you want to make an impact then you need to hire an experienced exhibition stand designer, which is where we can help!

We offer full Exhibition stand production and creative solutions to spacing ensuring your stand is unique!

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How we create Unique exhibition stand designs

It is crucial to the success of your exhibition stand that you have a unique exhibition stand design to draw in potential clients.

We focus all our attention on creating a successful exhibition stand from conception to completion with our custom exhibition stand design and build services.

Firstly, we ensure we have understood your intent and how you wish to market your Exhibition Stand Production. By understanding this we are able to come up with lots of CAD drawings to start bringing your unique exhibition stand to life!

Once we get approval on the CAD drawings we can then get to work. We source props, graphic designing any additional branding items and theming for your exhibition stand.

Additionally, we supply any technological elements that might be needed for your Exhibition Stand such as lighting, projections and AV support.


Boosting traffic to your bespoke exhibition stand

We offer lots of services to increase client engagement and drive traffic to your Bespoke Exhibition Stand.

You can have the most visually appealing stand to draw clients in, however, without interactive elements, your potential clients won’t stick around to engage and buy.

Therefore we provide lots of innovative and engaging service options. These are guaranteed to keep your clients interested and increase their brand experience.

As an entertainment agency, we can source the top performers, shows and more to draw eyes to your exhibition. From Music and Live Performances to Interactive Technology and Sports Entertainment such as Football Freestylers, we have it all.

We are able to populate your bespoke Exhibition Stand to transform it from a static stand to a complete Exhibition Stand Production.

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Safe and sustainable Exhibition Stands

We provide Sustainable and hygiene conscious solutions to ensure your bespoke exhibition stand is a success.

Sustainability and safety have always been at the top of our priority lists when coming up with bespoke exhibition stand productions.

Not to mention, there are so many ways that we can build environmentally conscious exhibition stands, from Upcycling to Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly cleaning.

We provide full-service clean down and can also install sanitisation stations on your bespoke exhibition stand for both staff and client use.

Take a look at our Champions of Sustainability to see how we can incorporate this into your event.


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