1v1 Football Cage

Our Football Cage is an exclusive piece of equipment, which allows you to take your love of football anywhere!

1v1 football cage is a new form of football where the objective is to defeat your opponent by either scoring goals or achieving and instant win by shooting the ball between your opponent’s legs.

It is an extremely fun version of the sports, which develops your control, defence, decision-making and creativity. The games are quick and exciting, lasting between 2–3 minutes so everyone can have their shot at glory on the pitch.

Alongside its football skill development, the Football Cage is perfect for football trusts, councils and youth organisations to get the younger generations involved in the activity as it can be set up anywhere that safe and on a flat surface!

This piece of equipment is completely portable, which makes it an ideal attraction for any themed event, from sports days to World Cup parties, you will be sure to have a great time in our football cages.

The Football Cage is linked to the concept of ‘street sport’, which is small teams playing close up football. Our football cages are perfect for this art as they’re completely portable, easy to set up, unique to anything else on the market today!

Not only is this attraction perfect for adults and children alike but also its customizable branding makes it excellent for exhibitions and product launches! You can completely custom this attraction with your personal brand to make it an excellent addition to your next exhibition opening.

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