Football Gents

If you want an acrobatic group that can bring the heart of English football to your event then you will love our Football Gents.

Our football-themed acrobats come dressed in complete football outfits while performing some of the most remarkable performance moves and balanced shapes possible.

Not only do you get the full benefit of a talented acrobatic group but you will also receive the charm and humour of an old English gentleman.

This act is amazing, elegant and charming with a performance that shouldn’t be missed.

These men are firm in their belief that anything can be solved with a cheeky smile and a gentleman’s moustache, which means they will be the talk of your event as they entertain and amaze.

This act is a 3-man group based in the UK that focuses on themed entertainment, gentlemanly conduct and the art of fun. They are very flexible in both performance and theme so they can be made completely bespoke for your event and guests.

You can hire these fantastic performers for your event to show your audience what football is truly about.

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