Mermaid Performers

If you are looking for something unique and wonderful to bring the wow factor to your event then take a look at these real-life Mermaids for hire.

This stunning show of synchronised swimming is choreographed with real mermaids and can be hired for all your water-themed events needs.

Bring the fantasy to life with these real Mermaids and let them seduce your guests with their grace and poise. We can supply multiple Mermaids for mermaid-themed entertainment whether it is in or out of the water.

Our Mermaids can also perform with an additional acrobatic sailor suspended in an aerial net or aerial hoop, with an optional drop into the water.

These Mermaids are also multi-skilled and versatile performers who can attend your event as fire eaters. If you have a burlesque theme to your event then we also have glamorous burlesque Mermaids with feather fans to tease and titillate your guests. They have waterproof costumes if you want to spray champagne!

We can create large water-themed sets for the Mermaid performers to perform on land which is great for shopping centres and public places such as garden centre entertainment. If you have an event with a nautical theme then we can also custom-make themed set designs for larger installations which are perfect for all underwater-themed events.

There are many options we can provide for your nautical-themed event such as having the mermaids perform on a large rock whilst we fill the room with low-level fog and dry ice to create an on land water display.

The Mermaids do an aerial routine (have you ever seen a mermaid do aerial acrobatics?) well take it from us it is a spectacle not to be missed. You may also have the options for this incredible Mermaid-themed act to be performed in a large martini glass for a meet and greet act. The world is your oyster.

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