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If you are looking for a way to add a touch of elegance and class to your event, then we most certainly have the right choice for you. Our Bollywood Themed Harpist is a professional musician who has performed at a variety of venues throughout the UK, USA and even India!
Our talented harp player creates a soothing and intimate atmosphere for all of your guests to enjoy and will be utterly mesmerised by her talents. This harpist plays a variety of songs which can be personalised to your choice to suit the theme of your event. Our Bollywood Themed Harpist plays a range of hits from classic and modern Bollywood songs.
Book our Bollywood Themed Harpist for weddings, corporate events and much more in London & the UK.

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For more musicians, head over to our Pinterest pages below.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for more information regarding the different kinds of musicians we have on offer. You can also view our other Pinterest board on the right which goes into more detail about the variety of Indian/Bollywood themed entertainment we have available.


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