Blossom Butterfly

Our Butterfly will Blossom before your very eyes as she expands her LED wings (fans) and begins to perform her stunning routine.

The Blossom Butterfly is a multi-talented act who blends together LED lighting, dancing, circus skills and intricately designed costumes to present a truly stunning act that you will never forget.

Our LED-lit act is perfect walkabout entertainment as she parades around your event enchanting people with her glowing movements, props and costume. This illuminated act will fascinate everyone she meets as elegantly dances and prances around your event.

The Blossom Butterfly is a wonderfully celestial act who will create beautifully luminescent magic before your very eyes. Our beautiful Butterfly can even be accompanied by a male counterpart to enhance your event further. Our brilliantly talented LED act is the perfect entertainment option to book for an array of events including; product launches, corporate events, award ceremonies and much more.

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