LED Rocket Dancers

Our unique LED Pixel dancers are an exciting technology entertainment option who will create a true spectacular at your next event.

These high-tech performers can dance in perfect sync whilst zooming around on their LED hoverboards. This cutting-edge spectacle is not something that should be missed.

Reasons to Book These Artists

  • Have performed at The Gadget Show Live
  • High-tech & dynamic show
  • Cutting-edge wearable LED Pixel Video Suits
  • Customisable LED suits that can feature company colours & logo
  • Available to perform at international events
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Our technology dancers for hire are a unique and high-tech act who will provide an incredible experience for everyone at your next event. This high-tech hover board glow show is known for making a high-impact, especially at corporate events. These talented technology dancers will be sure to intrigue and captivate everyone with their electrifying LED glow show at your next event.

These technology dancers are perfect for logo reveals and brand activations. The LED Pixel Video Suits that our LED dancers wear is completely customisable and can be programmed to include your company logos which makes for an exciting LED glow show. Our dance technology show uses cutting-edge wearable technology which allows for the customisation of our LED dancers. These technology dancers will be sure to blow your audience away with their original choreography in this LED glow show.

This LED glow show has performed to a range of clients at various different events. From corporate events to product launches and closing ceremonies, our LED glow show has performed at them all.

Our high-tech LED dancers perform their stunning choreography whilst perfectly balancing and gliding on their LED hoverboards. Our innovative LED dancers are at the forefront of innovation through their use of this cutting-edge technology. This high-tech themed entertainment is a new and original LED glow show concept that will make your brand activation stand out from the rest. The technology dancers have bases in Germany and London which makes them perfectly situated for performing at international events.

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High-tech hover board dance show for hire. Book our LED Pixel dancers in the UK & Germany.

As our high-tech technology dancers elegantly swerve and rotate they can create an organic fluid video screen that will display rolling graphics and animations. The suits that our LED dancers wear help to create the video screens that can broadcast your logo or graphics. These can also be displayed on each individual LED dancer as they perform. This makes our technology dancers perfect for product launches and brand activations. These high-tech LED dancers are incredibly popular and have performed at the Gadget Show Live. Your guests will be completely thrilled by the technology exhibited in this LED glow show.

Through the combination of sharp choreography, colour-changing LED Pixel Video suits and high-tech technology, our high-tech LED dancers will be sure to enrapture everyone at your next event with this LED glow show. The incredible choreography exhibited by our technology dancers and LED dancers will be sure to enchant everyone. Our LED dancers can zoom around on the LED hoverboards and can also occasionally stop to perform on the ground. The mixture of performance exhibited in our LED glow show, displays how versatile our LED dancers are.

Our LED technology dancers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including product launches, brand activations or corporate events in the UK and Germany. With their LED glow show, our technology dancers will be sure to make an impact at your next event. If you would like to book our LED dancers, simply contact the office today.

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