Dynamic Tron Dancers

Audiences are sure to be mesmerised by these high-tech technology dancers. Our LED pixel dancers have been performing for over 16 years and know exactly how to get the crowd going at any event.

These Tron dancers produce high-quality optical illusions which are a proven feast for the eyes. These technology dancers will delight any audience at any event.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Previous clients include; Nokia, Audi & Tata Motors
  • Our technology dancers have been performing since 2001
  • Have made numerous appearances on TV
  • Each suit has been fitted with 1000 LED pixels
  • High-tech suits that can be programmed to feature any colour or company branding
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Our Tron dancers are a high-energy troupe that will provide a mesmerising time for all. These glow show dancers were formed in India in 2001 and have been performing ever since. These accomplished LED pixel dancers have travelled the world performing at numerous events for prestigious clients such as; Audi, Nokia and Samsung. Our internationally-acclaimed Tron dancers will be sure to delight the crowds at any event. These technology dancers are an exciting and unique entertainment option perfect for almost any event.

Our high-tech glow show dancers use cutting-edge technology to create their awe-inspiring show. The Tron dancers perform in a wearable LED Pixel suit that features approximately 1000 LED pixel lights. Our Tron dancers pride themselves on the clarity created by the LED Pixel suits. The clarity created by our technology dancers will be sure to leave guests mesmerised.

This astonishing glow show is performed in complete darkness which helps to illuminate our Tron dancers even more. The glow show dancers create suspense by starting in complete darkness. As the suspense builds, flickers of light appear before the audience is hit by a visual feast of bright and colourful LED lighting. As the glow show progresses, audience members will be left blown away as the technology dancers perform numerous optical illusions. As demonstrated in the video, our LED performers can appear to split themselves in half and even detach their own heads! Bumping it from arm to arm as they go. Guests will be perplexed but delighted by these shocking technology dancers.This fun-filled show delivered by our LED performers is suitable for people of all ages.

Our LED performers have become internationally-acclaimed through their unique and inventive technology entertainment. As well as performing at a wide range of events, our LED performers have made numerous appearances on live TV in India. With their unique blend of high-tech technology and cutting-edge dance moves, our LED performers will be sure to blow you away.

These LED performers are a wonderful high-tech technology entertainment option as they are perfect for brand reveals and product launches. With their fully programmable LED Pixel suits, our LED performers can feature your company’s branding colours effortlessly. If you are planning a conference or product launch, then you need our LED performers. These technology dancers can feature your company’s logo as they dance and can also display a slogan. Why not treat delegates to some exciting new technology entertainment, by hiring our LED performers?

Our glow show dancers are an energetic and innovative LED dance troupe that will be sure to create a fantastic time for all. These Tron dancers are available to hire for product launches, corporate events or brand reveals in the UK and worldwide. If you would like to hire our technology dances, simply get in contact today.

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