Golden Living Statues

These unique modern living statues will be a valuable addition to a variety of events, with the range of performance options the living statues have on offer.

The golden statues will create an interactive, welcoming environment for you and your guests at your event, which will make it much more enjoyable for all.

Reasons to Book Our Golden Living Statues

  • This leading statue group is perfect for attracting interest at your event
  • Walkabout entertainment is a great way to create an engaging environment for your audience
  • Proven statue group – they have visited over 15 countries in the world to provide their act
  • Our golden statues have extensive experience in walkabout entertainment
  • Our living statues will create a welcoming atmosphere at your event
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Our modern living statues will provide a top-class walkabout entertainment act that will attract the eyes of passersby. The statue group will create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy and will also add a fun, interactive element to your event.

The quality of our statue group is extremely high – hence why they have travelled around the world to provide their walkabout entertainment. The golden statues get this quality from the body paint, make-up and outfits the statue group uses, which come together to create a realistic group of living statues that will catch the eyes of passersby.

This walkabout entertainment is suitable for a variety of events, with the number of performance options the golden statues offer and with the experience behind them, these modern living statues will not fail to put on a stunning show for you and your guests at your event.

They are the perfect walkabout entertainment act to create a dramatic impact at your event.

For more information on these golden statues, or for more options on walkabout entertainment, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team – we are here to help!

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