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Looking to hire a living statue for your event?

Our living statues are beautiful, charming and wholly unique, creating magic and wonder wherever they go.

Living statues are perfect for interacting with guests at any type of event, such as family fun days and public events. You can also use them to get some funny reactions from un-expecting guests!

Combining the past with the present, these characterful representations make people laugh, smile and feel involved. Human statues add an artistic and avant-garde touch to any event or festival.

They can be incorporated into so many event types and occasions. To date, they have appeared at corporate entertainment for gala dinners and award ceremonies, high profile and celebrity events, private parties, weddings, shopping centre appearances, Christmas events, themed events and celebrations to name just a few.

We are also able to create bespoke and personalised human statue characters and persona’s with the same stunning costuming, so if you are planning a themed event and would like a human statue or living statue then get in contact using the links below or our chat option on the bottom right and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Some of our human statue themes include, Steam-Punk human statue, Snow Queen human statue, zombie human statues, Poet human statue, builder human statue, fruit seller human statues and even Olympic themed human statues.



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michael charles

Who is Michael Charles?

Creative Director Michael is our creative director at Julia Charles Event Management. Not only is he an expert event manager, but is renowned amongst our client base for the exceptional creative insight of his concept design. Within minutes of one his trademark ‘eureka moments’, he is able to draft a 3D visual proposal on his … Continued

Julia Charles - Director of julia charles event management

Who Is Julia Charles?

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