Vintage Magician

Close-up Vintage Magician for hire that will fully entertain the guest at your corporate event in London, UK and Internationally.

This Vintage Magician can be hired as a hosting act or stage magician.

Reasons To Book Our Vintage Magician:

  • Experienced entertainer with a wow-effect on the audience
  • Remarkable and charismatic stage presence
  • Always delivers original, creative and engaging magical effects
  • Combines a traditional style with a contemporary delivery
  • Previous clients include Specsavers, Cabaret Heaven, Artsbridge
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Take a look at our Vintage Magician for hire, our stage magician will create an exciting atmosphere at your corporate event.

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The Vintage Magician is a brilliant, charismatic and funny performer, offering a full variety of classical magic acts from the Golden Age of Magic. This Vintage Magician is perfect to hire for any corporate event, public event or private event in London, UK and Internationally and contributes to the great atmosphere and fun.

Our Vintage magician is a charming, timeless period character that combines a traditional style with a contemporary delivery and focuses upon the audience interaction and involvement. His repertoire includes creating a magical effect on cards, coins, real paper money, rings, bottles and other classic magic props. All the magical effects are woven into stories that increase their appeal by providing an engaging context to the audience.

The Vintage Magician also delivers a number of original magic acts, all of them created with sophistication and engaging the audience with a unique visual style and dramatic presentation. They are versatile and combine elements of significant audience interaction and volunteering, visual impact, comedy, magic and mystery, that showcases his skills in prestidigitation.

Experienced in conducting a pre-show hosting, stage mastering, cabaret and vaudeville magician in London, UK and Internationally, our Vintage magician is perfect to be hired for any ceremony in case you want your event to be taken out of the box of the standard event planning.

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Referred as entertaining and patient with children, our Vintage Magician is available to hire for your perfect Children show, Kids themed party, Children Workshop, any family event, summer festival or outdoor event.

Described by the clients as “full of character” and with “amazing stage presence”, our Vintage Magician has always been recommended as a magician for hire who would provide a jaw-dropping effect upon the audience attending any event.

Temporarily based in Spain, our Vintage Magician is available to hire for your next corporate event, public event, themed event or private events in London, UK and internationally.

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