The Italian Mentalist

Our Mentalist is considered to be one of the most valued mentalists in the world and has been performing his magic of the mind for over 25 years.

Having been described as one of the most innovative and original mentalists today he holds a rare and unique skill that is to amaze and astound all types of audiences, he does this with his cheeky Italian style and charismatic showmanship. Our mentalist for hire holds the ability to make audiences both laugh and gasp during a stage show in the way that he does.

He has created an on-stage show that is unique and hugely entertaining, it is an original show where the audience becomes the protagonist. The show has blended a mixture of skills that use body language, memory techniques as well as psychological subtleties which give the audience the feeling to possess a kind of sixth sense, in order to create a truly memorable experience.

He has a wealth of experience having performed all over the world for corporate audiences, celebrities and even royalty. He is extremely proud to be a member of the Magic Circle and has the title of Associate of the Inner Magic Circle where he has been awarded a Silver Star. This is the uppermost recognition for his live shows. In addition to this, he has also been awarded a Mentalist of the Year award from Merlin.

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