Indian Mime Artist

Our Indian Mime Artist started his Mime career at the age of eight. He was mainly influenced by his father who was a very good actor, writer and director of Kolkata group theatre in India.

His mime art is a traditional entertainment of physical movement where language is no barrier. He presents the art of Mime with Indian and Western-style with a lot of enjoyable features.

With his long 39 years of mime experience of he has been able to win the hearts and minds of millions of people, expressing his acute observation of human life through mime comedy and sincerity.

Our mime artist for hire has created a mime show about peace and racism, called ‘Bird and The Hunter’ where he tells about peace. He has also presented the problem of racism throughout the world. In addition to this heart-warming show, he also has a comedy mime show called ‘Just For Fun’ is full of Comedy and laughter, using his skilful mime artistry, structured body movement and a humorous tale your guest can watch our social and personal events through comedy.

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