American Street Food

Our American street food is the perfect choice for your event catering. These delicious menus are ideal for weddings, corporate events and summer festivals.

Our chefs blend a mixture of delicious American BBQ favourites and mouthwatering Mexican cuisine to bring you a true feast for any occasion. Our exciting chefs make everything from scratch and put that extra TLC into every dish they make to leave people delighted by their food.

Their staple dish is the 100% Welsh black beef burger. Weighing in at 125grams, every burger is hand pressed and has many different toppings including; candied bacon, cheese, gherkins, jalapeños, lettuce and sauces and a signature 8-hour slow-cooked chilli that’s guaranteed to add that extra spice.

They also have a wide variety of traditional Mexican dishes that they’ve put their unique twist on. One of the most popular dishes they make is the pulled pork carnitas as well as tacos, burritos and fajitas.

Our versatile chefs are able to cater to everyone so they have specific dishes for vegetarians as well. One of their signature dishes is the slow-cooked 3 bean chilli as well as the ultimate ‘cheesy chip’ deep-fried halloumi.

If it’s a BBQ menu that you are looking for, then look no further because our chef serves oak-smoked baby back pork ribs in their unique and much talked about filing cabinet. Our chefs believe in using only locally and ethically sourced produce in order to make the best and most delicious food possible.

Our chefs are a high quality and low output team that believe in quality ingredients and good value for money.

Sustainability is also a key factor in their catering philosophy. Our versatile chefs are able to cater for any event, no matter the size.

They are very adaptable and have a choice of 2 ‘pop-up kitchens’. Our caterers have a variety of menus to choose from but are also able to design a bespoke menu that combines the exact elements you want for your event. Our American street food is the perfect option for your family fun day, private party or summer event.

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