Virtual Felt Painting Workshop

Our VIrtual Felt Painting Workshop is a fantastic online workshop that is great for team building and boosting staff morale.

Reasons To Book Our Virtual Felt Painting Workshop:

  • Our Online Felting Workshops teach you unique, practical skills
  • Great for boosting team spirits and as a team-building exercise
  • We have received some amazing feedback from our Virtual Felt Painting Workshop
  • Available to book for Individuals or Small Groups (max of 4)
  • This online workshop is led by a fun, friendly expert

Prices From £40pp

The process of creating a felt painting is fairly complex, as will be covered in our Online Felting Workshops. Our expert Felt Painter walks you through the steps and teaches you how to create fantastic masterpieces using felt!

From the feedback of our clients booking our Felt Picture Workshop, participants always mention how it pushes them out of their comfort zone, as it is quite a special, delicate skill. As a result, our Felt Art Workshops are a fantastic option for Team Building and boosting Staff Morale.

Participants of our Felt Art Workshop usually create portraits of their pets, as the tactile qualities of felt triggers and connects to the stroking of a beloved pet.

We offer two variations to our Virtual Felt Painting Workshop:

  • One-To-One: for individual learning
  • Group Workshops: for friends, family, businesses and more

Virtual Felt Workshop Options:

Our one-to-one Virtual Felt Painting Workshops are perfect if you want to learn the skill individually and would like the direct attention of our felt painting expert. This would be perfect if you have specific learning outcomes you are aiming for.

For our one-to-one Felt Art Workshop, we do require a minimum of 4 hours to be booked.

Our Group Workshops are more relaxed and are great for small groups, a maximum of 4 per group. These are great for boosting morale and letting loose!

We provide all fo the equipment required: standard wool tops are included, however, any specialist fibres may incur an extra cost. We can also provide additional Virtual Experiences to this workshop.

COVID-19 Save Events stamp. We are able to produce and manage events whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

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