Virtual Master Of The Tasks

Inspired by the popular TV Show that contains hilarious, fun-filled challenges – can your team brave the Virtual Master of the Tasks?

Price From: £400 + VAT


  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Attendees: 10 – 500
  • We have provided this Virtual Game Experience for a range of Private and Corporate clients
  • Anywhere from 5 people all the way to 500 can attend the Virtual Experience
  • Great for boosting team morale and team working abilities
  • Fun and Light-Hearted Virtual Experience

Our Virtual Team Building Activity is inspired by the wacky, team challenge TV show!

This Online Team Challenge Game will have you in stitches of laughter – we kid you not!

Furthermore, the Virtual Challenge Game is all hosted via an online platform, designed to be completed using household items – teams will need to think outside the box in order to impress the Task Master.

The games come in all shapes and sizes and are only revealed when the famous wax-sealed envelope is opened. There’s absolutely something for everyone, with the name of the game being good old-fashioned fun!

Moreover, the event is hosted by a professional comedic compare, who alone will bring the room to life. He also plays the role of the Task Master, who will judge each round and allocate points.

In addition, this entertainment option works well for Virtual Parties and can be partnered with our Virtual Food and Drink Workshops, helping to provide fun and laughter at your event.

Scroll down to find out what happens at your Virtual Challenge Game Event.

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What happens at your Online Team building game event?

Get ready for the most action-packed Team Building Event yet with our Online Team Challenge Game!

Before the Virtual Team Building Game begins, everyone receives a welcome pack with joining instructions for the experience. It’s then as simple as one link to enter our virtual arena of fun.

As soon as you’re logged in you’ll be welcomed by our comedic host in our themed Master of the Tasks studio complete with the famous red throne.

Your host and Task Master, will now explain the rules of the game and get you ready for a simply hilarious fast-paced series of challenges in our Online Team Building Game.

The challenges include:

  • Draw the 2nd longest Snake
  • Create a Caricature using only condiments and cutlery
  • Best TikTok dance video
  • Dash & Grab

Teams are scored per round with a running leader-board. At the end of the event, there’s a final bonus round giving teams the chance to steal the win!

Your experience culminates with the final winners announced in a tense results ceremony and of course plenty of applause and celebration.

This experience can be partnered with other Interactive Online Games to create a full entertainment package for your event.

We can also offer Virtual Heath and Wellbeing Entertainment, helping you to unwind after your action-packed challenges.

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