Silhouette Show

These spectacular Silhouette Shows are an absolutely fantastic mix of brilliantly skilled dancers, creative ideas and interesting stories that will keep guests entranced the whole evening.

Silhouette Shows have become a hugely popular form of entertainment in past years and you can see why! These stunning and elegant displays of emotions are an absolutely breathtaking exhibition of talent and vision.

8 Olympic-grade acrobats and a creative story team that are as brilliant as they are imaginative. Watch as they bring this fusion of storytelling to life.

By using a selection of acrobatic poses, dancing, props and lighting effects, this show will take you on a journey around the world and through time to a story of the adventure and discovery.

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Take a look at this fantastic Silhouette Show created bespoke for a client. Let us know if you are looking to book this show for a product launch, corporate event or even a private event. We can create truly stunning routines that are custom made and bespoke to your exact requirements.

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