The Flying Pole

The Flying Poles for hire is an artistic show that contains a surprising elegance and unique moments of amazement. The pole snatches the performer up into the air at dizzying heights as they perform elaborate and breath-taking stunts.

As they are high in the air, the pole is constantly moving, which causes spectators to experience a variety of emotions that makes them laugh, weep and cry out in amazement. The audience is engrossed in the performers’ movements. This charming act will take your breath away and is the perfect climax for any event, gala dinner or show.

This World Class Acrobatic Act kept the whole of Germany enthralled during the search of the Super Talent 2012. With its superhuman feat, heart-stopping body control and sylphlike aesthetics this act will amaze and astound crowds of all sizes.

Specially designed poles give the seductive performers the necessary grip. The highly unusual choreography’s cast a magical spell over the spectators. Why don’t you too fascinate your guests with such artistic perfection and calibre? You too can ensure astonishment. Book our flying pole performers for your gala, your event or for your show and combine art and entertainment at the highest of levels.

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