LED Poi Dance Troupe

Our LED dancers will create a sensational time at your next event. These high-tech pixel poi dancers have been performing for over 16 years worldwide.

Our technology dancers use the latest in LED technology, video mapping and animation to create their innovative glow show. Our glow show dancers are guaranteed to leave guests enthralled with their original technology entertainment.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Our glow show dancers have performed on TV
  • These LED dancers create high-energy optical illusions
  • Previous clients include; Mercedes, Audi & Samsung
  • These pixel poi dancers have over 16 years of experience
  • Use video mapping, LED technology entertainment & animation to create an electrifying show
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High-tech Technology Dancers – Watch them Here!

Take a look at our 3D video mapping show and prepare to be amazed by these LED Poi dancers. These accomplished LED dancers have performed worldwide at numerous events. Our pixel poi dancers are the perfect corporate event entertainment as they can effortlessly incorporate your company branding into any performance. These glow show dancers are especially perfect for brand reveals and product launches. With over 16 years of performing experience, our LED dancers will be sure to create an immersive experience for everyone through their high-energy 3D video mapping show.

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Looking for a thrilling 3D video mapping show? In need of LED dancers? Or are you looking for a glow show that incorporates both?

Well, look no further because our LED Poi dancers are just the act you need. These experienced glow show dancers have combined LED technology with cutting-edge 3D video mapping projection to create this innovative show. Our pixel Poi dancers are a unique form of entertainment that will delight the crowds at any event.

Our LED Poi dancers have found international acclaim through their performances on the popular TV show; India’s Got Talent where they reached the semi-final stage. Since then our pixel poi dancers have performed their 3D video mapping show at numerous events worldwide for some prestigious clients.

These include; Samsung, Mercedes and Audi to name a few. These internationally-acclaimed glow show dancers will delight crowds of all ages with their unique technology entertainment and 3D video mapping show. These pixel Poi dancers are all accomplished dancers who are at the top of their game.

This 3D video mapping show features a range of high-tech technologies that help to create the eccentric optical illusions you will see. Our LED dancers have designed this projection mapping show to incorporate 3D video mapping to give audiences an even larger wow-factor. Our pixel poi dancers are available to hire worldwide.

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Our high-tech LED dancers are the perfect brand reveal entertainment. Our pixel Poi dancers can customise this show to include your company’s logo and branding. Audience members will be left speechless as our glow show dancers make the company logo appear before their very eyes.

Our LED dancers create high-quality gravity-defying shows using their high-tech props. These LED Poi dancers aim to offer innovative and original marketing options for corporations. Through using inventive technology, our pixel poi dancers can create a 3D video mapping show tailored to your company which can tell the story of how it was created. With this electrifying show, our pixel Poi dancers will liven up any conference or product launch.

Technology entertainment is an exciting and increasingly popular form of entertainment. Our technology entertainment has performed for numerous types of events and clients across the world. This LED technology entertainment allows the audience to be taken out of their everyday worlds to be transported to a world of light and technology.

These high-tech LED Poi dancers have created a 3D video mapping projection that is perfect to hire for a wide range of events across the world. Our glow show dancers are available to hire for brand reveals, product launches or corporate events in the UK and worldwide. If you would like to hire our LED Poi dancers, simply get in contact today.

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