Exotic Bird Stilt Walkers

Our Exotic Bird Stilt Walkers for hire are a seriously colourful flock of birds that will catch the eye of everyone at your next event.

Our Birds hail from faraway tropical lands and have flown over here to bring their vibrancy and vividness to your event. These beautiful birds will be sure to create a fantastic carnival-style vibe for your event.

Our bird stilt walkers will be sure to parade around your event magnificently strutting their stuff as they go. These dazzling bird’s costumes have been made from a multitude of vibrant feathers that shimmer when the light hits them. The stunning Exotic Birds are always the main attraction wherever they go.

These spectacular birds will create a wonderful summer vibe for all. The Exotic Bird Stilt Walkers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Family Fun Days, Eco-Themed Events, Easter Events and more.

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