Colossus The Android

Our LED walkabout robot is at the forefront of technology entertainment. This giant high-tech robot is highly interactive and will amaze and intrigue guests at any event.

This robot is wonderfully versatile and can be hired for a variety of events such as brand reveals, family fun days & nightclub events.

This walkabout robot will be sure to create an exciting experience for everyone. Our LED robot is a new and exciting robot entertainer that can be hired worldwide.

Reasons to Book This robot

  • Our walkabout robot stands at over 12 ft.
  • The robot entertainer’s performance can be fully choreographed
  • Our LED robot can display company logos & branding
  • This LED robot can be hired with LED screens, smoke machines & laser guns
  • High-tech walkabout robot & interactive entertainment
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Colossus The Android Robot – Watch it Here!

Watch and prepare to be blown away by our robot entertainer. Our high-tech LED robot stands at an incredible 12 ft. so will be sure to attract delegates and attendees at any exhibition, conference or brand reveal.

This interactive LED robot has a range of features including a programmable iPad screen, LED lighting and can be choreographed to perform a routine to any music. Our walkabout robot is highly adaptable and is especially entertaining for conferences and trade shows. This walkabout robot can also be hired for private parties and family fun days. Our LED robot will be a welcome addition to any party.

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Are you ready to meet our high-tech walkabout robot? Well, you should be, because we are introducing Colossus the Android. This wondrous walkabout robot is fully interactive and will wow the crowds at any tech conference, exhibition or brand reveal.

Our promotional robot is incredibly interactive and will engage with anyone at your event. This high-tech robot entertainer stands at an amazing 12 feet and always draws a buzz wherever he goes.

If you are looking for something unique to attract people at any event, then our high-tech robot entertainer is the perfect way to do this. Easily standing out of the crowd, our LED robot will effortlessly capture people’s imaginations.

This walkabout robot is incredibly versatile which means he can be hired for all types of events. If you’re looking for cutting-edge technology entertainment for your brand reveal then look no further. Our futuristic robot entertainer can be programmed to feature your company’ logo on his iPad chest and can promote your company branding colours with his beaming LED lights.

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Book our high-tech robot entertainer for brand reveals worldwide.

With these unique features, our robot entertainer will be sure to make your product launch unforgettable. Our innovative robot entertainer can also create the perfect photo opportunity for delegates.

Our LED robot immediately makes an impact wherever he goes. This LED performer is a perfect way to create an electrifying buzz for a product launch before revealing the latest product to everyone.

Through his high-tech LED technology, our LED robot will literally be a beacon of light amongst the dark as excited delegates wait to see the latest innovation of a company.

This walkabout robot can also be hired for family fun days. What better way to get children and adults thrilled than by witnessing a 12-ft. robot entertainer interacting with crowds and even dancing with them.

This unique robot entertainer can be choreographed for any event. If you want to give your children an unforgettable experience, they can even be part of the performance on their special day. The possibilities are endless with our cutting-edge technology entertainment.

Looking for an alternative to the same old nightclub or festival entertainment? Then look no further because our high-tech robot entertainer can provide a thrilling alternative for party and festival goers alike.

For nightclubs, the walkabout robot can be accompanied by laser guns, LED screens and smoke machines which will instantly enhance any club atmosphere. This fun-filled robot entertainer will astonish the crowds and make any nightclub event extra special. Our LED robot is perfect for nightclub events because he will immediately stand out through his bright LED lighting. This LED robot will be sure to get any party goer partying even harder.

This high-tech robot can be perfectly synced to whatever music is playing. Partygoers will be stunned when our 12-ft. robot entertainer starts performing alongside the DJ or MC.

With walkabout and show options available, the prospects are limitless with this innovative promotional robot. This cutting-edge technology entertainment will be sure to wow the crowds, no matter how big or small.

We are a cutting-edge robot entertainment agency that has a fantastic range of technology entertainment. Some of our technology entertainment has performed around the world for a wide selection of prestigious clients.

Technology entertainment is an exciting option as if offers something different to the norm. From walkabout robots to interactive LED robots and high-tech robot entertainers, we have them all.

Our high-tech walkabout robot is an original and unique technology entertainment option that is available to book for a wide range of events across London and the UK.

Hire our interactive robot for a variety of events including; children’s parties, brand reveals or nightclub events across the country and worldwide. If you would like to hire more technology entertainment, simply get in contact today.

Book our promotional robot for exhibitions, corporate events or brand reveals in the UK & worldwide.

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