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High-Tech Robot Entertainment

Our high-tech robot entertainers are the perfect brand reveal entertainment to hire for your next event. Walkabout robots are incredibly popular and highly interactive. Our cutting-edge technology entertainment options include The Cyborg.

The Cyborg is a high-tech walkabout robot that can display any message or scrolling graphic across his chest. Our high-tech walkabout robot is perfect for exhibitions and trade show events.

This walkabout robot will be sure to immediately captivate the crowds and make an unforgettable impression. Our high-tech robot entertainers will be sure to create an unlimited amount of fun at your next event.

Futuristic Entertainment

We have a selection of futuristic-themed walkabout robot acts that can be hired in the UK and internationally. Our sci-fi themed characters include a number of movie characters such as; Iron Man, Optimus Prime and Predator.

These robot-themed acts will be sure to draw crowds and create a buzz at your next event. Our futuristic-themed sci-fi characters have high-quality costumes that make people think they are the real thing.


Cutting-Edge Exhibition Entertainment

We have an incredible selection of high-tech walkabout robot entertainment that is perfect for exhibitions and trade shows.

Our high-tech robot entertainer ideas include; Titan the Robot, Oscar the Robot and Zappy the Robot. These interactive walkabout robots are incredibly enchanting and will be sure to draw in the crowds at your next exhibition, trade show or brand reveal.

Our walkabout robots are highly engaging and are perfect for both children and adults. Our walkabout robots have an incredible array of accessories and other features which make them highly interactive and perfect for audience participation.

We are living in a fast-paced environment where new technology is constantly anticipated. We have an incredible selection of high-tech robot entertainers that can help with this demand.

Our interactive and walkabout robots are perfect for cutting-edge events like brand reveals, product launches and exhibitions. Our high-tech robot entertainment ideas will help make your event completely unique.

Our walkabout robots are the perfect technology entertainment for corporate events such as brand activations, product launches and exhibitions.

These walkabout robots will make an instant impact and help spread the message and image of your brand. Our walkabout robots are customisable and can be adapted to feature your company’s logo or slogan.

Our high-tech walkabout robot entertainers are the perfect technology entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events. These futuristic and promotional high-tech robot entertainers can be booked in the UK and across the world.

If you would like to book our high-tech robot entertainers, simply get in contact today.

Book our Robot sky walkers for your event. Our Sky walkers are available for hire in London and around the UK.

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