Movie Stunt Performers

Our movie stunt performers can create any bespoke production, this live-action entertainment is able to perform any blockbuster movie character.

Price From £8000 + VAT + Travel

Reasons to book Our Movie Stunt Performers:

  • International Performers
  • Film Quality Stunts
  • Best Live Action Stunt Performers in the UK
  • Completely bespoke options for any event
  • Previous clients such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal and ITV

From Marvel Characters to Star Wars characters, our Movie Stunt Performers include all fan-favourites who can perform a live stunt show for your entertainment at your next event. Take a look at the photos for an idea of the characters we provide.

How Do I Hire These Movie Stunt Performers?

Our bespoke production has over 30 years of experience in the screen action industry, this movie-themed entertainment has been performing and designing action on some of the biggest blockbusters.

They are currently the only movie stunt performers of this kind within the UK, so you know with our live-stunt show you will receive one of a kind entertainment.

This movie-themed entertainment specialises in re-creating action from movie, TV and gaming industries. Our movie stunt performers create bespoke and fully immersive action experiences for individuals, private groups, corporate team building, PR events, product/film launches, premiers, prize events and exhibitions with any film, TV and game theme.

What Do Our Movie Stunt Performers Do?

They can create limitless action and stunt performances, our bespoke production offers a vast line-up option to cater to your event’s requirements.

Superheros: Avengers, Justice League, Spiderman, Black Panther
Secret Agents: James Bond, Bourne, Mission Impossible and Kingsman
Adventure: Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and Batman
Medival: Gladiator, 300, Robin Hood and Assasins Creed

With all this and more available, our movie-themed entertainment is a truly exciting and unique option to choose for your next event. Whether it’s a product launch, corporate event, family fun day or team building day this breathtaking team is the choice for you.

It’s always best to get in contact with a member of the team if you are after a specific movie character as we provide most (we do not promote all of our options online).

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Watch Our Movie Stunt Performers In Action

This video gives you and idea of the sort of stunts our movie stunt performers can perform and what they do!

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