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Captain America Character

If you are hosting a party that’s themed around comics, superheroes or specifically ‘The Avengers’ then you have to consider inviting the very first Avenger, Captain America.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  •  An experienced performer with a great background
  •  Perfect for children’s parties and comic conventions
  •  Based in Belfast and can perform internationally
  •  This artist is available as a part of “The Avengers”
  •  This artists costume is realistic and movie-accurate

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Read more about our Captain America Hire

Created at the hands of Iron Man’s father, Captain America has quit his career in Avenging and has moved into the entertainment industry! That’s right, Captain America is now available to hire for your next event.

Captain America, Our costumed entertainer is available to meet and greet your guests at your superhero-themed event and can entertain your children and Captain America will take photos with all guests. The superhero lookalike likes to create superhero-themed entertainment that will entertain both children and adults.

Captain America, our superhero lookalike is an excellent performer with a long history of superhero impersonation making Captain America an excellent addition to your next superhero-themed event in the UK or anywhere else across the globe.

Our costumed entertainer, Captain America, is a form of interactive entertainment, the superhero lookalike will interact with all your guests, allowing your children to hold his shield and take photos with the costumed entertainer himself.

The superhero lookalike, Captain America, is not to be mistaken for other cheap lookalikes, the costumed entertainer wears a high-quality costume best known from the avenger’s Age of Ultron.

The superhero lookalike, Captain America, can be booked on his own for a superhero-themed event or as part of a team to form a line up from the Civil Wars Avengers film to create the perfect superhero-themed entertainment for your superhero-themed event.

The costumed entertainer, Captain America, can be booked with another superhero lookalike called ‘’ironman’’ to ensure that your event has the best and most exciting superhero-themed entertainment.

Our superhero lookalike Captain America is available to book for family fun days, weddings, corporate events and product launches in London and the UK. Book our costumed entertainer to give your children the best superhero themed entertainment at your next superhero-themed event.

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