The Creepy Crew

The Creepy Crew for hire is a weird and wonderful sci-fi entertainment act who will both amaze and perhaps perplex you and your guests.

This exciting walkabout act is comprised of a female ninja-like mirror ball and two light giving stilt walkers.

Reasons to book these artists

  •  UV and LED lights are used
  •  Human mirror ball & two stilt walkers
  •  Unique and visually stunning costumes
  •  Sci-fi Walkabout & meet and greet
  •  Previous clients include Paralympic opening ceremony
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Are you looking for unique and unusual sci-fi entertainment? These crazy stilt walkers will create fun-filled sci-fi entertainment for all with their bizarre costumes and entertaining acting.

The female futuristic entertainer wears the shiniest costume of them all, enveloped in thousands of mirrored tiles which literally turns her into a human mirror ball! If that’s not great sci-fi entertainment and sci-fi walkabout act then I don’t know what is!

Wherever the futuristic entertainer goes, the light will be sure to reflect off her costume creating intriguing patterns for all of your guests. They will be sure to enjoy the sci-fi walkabout act and will enjoy watching the stilt walkers with their unusual and surprising costumes.

Our sci-fi walkabout act is completed by three walkabout entertainers, two of which are stilt walkers who quite literally are the source of light with the first stilt walker being dressed all in black with UV lights on the top of his head meaning the futuristic entertainer can light up your event in a non-traditional way.

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Sci-fi entertainment available to book for sci-fi themed events in London and the UK.

The second stilt walker is dressed all in white, he is a human light with a light source on the top of his head as well as a strobe light attached to the walkabout acts chest. This sci-fi walkabout act will be sure to deliver an unforgettable experience.

This sci-fi entertainment is available to hire for a wide range of sci-fi themed events, corporate events and family fun days. The stilt walkers and futuristic entertainers will be sure to give you sci-fi entertainment and sci-fi walkabout act that you and your guests will never have seen before.

Our sci-fi walkabout act is available to book for events throughout London and the UK. The costumed entertainers and stilt walkers will bring a unique factor to your event, leaving your guests in awe and making your event unforgettable!

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