The Blossoms

The Blossoms for hire are a duo of enchanting stilt walkers covered in delicately crafted silk flowers.

This beautifully designed duo will make you feel like Spring has sprung, even in the winter months. The Blossoms have a wealth of experience and have brought an abundance of cheer and joy to many people.

Our floral pair is decorated from head to toe in exquisite silk flowers that look so realistic, that people ask the performers if they are real.

Their costumes are also scented which means they can create the perfect Spring atmosphere. Our performers are the epitome of grace and move with a wonderful elegance wherever they go.

The Blossoms are completely enchanting and will be sure to captivate your guests at your next event. Our beautiful floral duo is the perfect entertainment option to hire for an array of events including; Spring Events, Family Fun Days and more.

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