Dead Bride Halloween Stilt Walkers

If you are looking to create an atmosphere or spook and horror at your next Halloween event, then look no further our spooky stilt walker is here!

Why Book Our Dead Bride Halloween Stilt Walkers?

  • Three 30 minute performances
  • Meet and greet available
  • Ghostly and creepy costume
  • Performs on stilts or ground level
  • Previous clients include Panasonic & Sky
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Our Halloween stilt walker is the perfect interactive entertainment for your next Halloween-themed event. The Halloween walking act would be great Halloween entertainment and interactive entertainment for Halloween themed events, family fun days, corporate events and more.

Our Halloween walking act and Halloween stilt walker stand tall about the crowds waiting eerily for the stilt walker groom. The Halloween themed entertainment is dressed in a ghostly wedding dress, carrying a bouquet of dead flowers making this interactive entertainment more exciting and spooky. This Halloween walking act is an excellent way to turn any Halloween themed event into a Halloween fright!

The Halloween stilt walker and Halloween themed entertainment offer three lots of 30-minute performances giving your guests a true Halloween themed event. Our Halloween walking act and interactive entertainment will walk around your venue meeting and greet your guests and be interacting with your guests taking photos with them and getting photos taken making your Halloween themed event memorable and unforgettable.

The Halloween stilt walker and Halloween walking act have previous clients such as Panasonic and Sky suggesting that interactive entertainment is popular and sought after by many events. The Halloween walking act and Halloween entertainment can be performed on stilts or on ground level depending on the requirements of the individual events.

The Halloween walking act has a combination of scary appearance and zombie-like performances which is an excellent way to make your venue seem haunted!

Our Halloween entertainment and Halloween walking act are available to hire for a wide range of events from Halloween themed events, Halloween parties, corporate events, private parties and more. Hire our interactive entertainment to give your guests a fright. Our Halloween stilt walker will entertain your guests for the entire Halloween themed event. Book our Halloween walking act to create a great Halloween themed event.

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