The Amazing Synchronised Swimmers

This aquatic dance group for hire are a stunning swimming troupe who will blow you away with their amazing displays.

These internationally-renowned swimmers have performed all over the world at various different events. Our aquatic dance group offer 4 unique shows; Water Ballet, Synchronised Swimmers, Underwater Show & Mermaid.

These water performers will astound with their range of acrobatic and aquatic moves. Whether you need mermaid entertainers or corporate synchronised swimmers, our underwater performers are perfectly suited for any event.

Reasons to Book These Swimmers

  • Performed internationally in the USA, Tokyo, Dubai & more
  • Previous clients include; Chanel, Kylie Minogue & Visa
  • Our aquatic dance group has 4 exciting show options
  • Their choreographer has over 20 years of experience
  • Our mermaid entertainers can be booked for events around the world
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1920’s-themed Synchronised Swimmers

Take a look at our stunning 1920’s-themed synchronised swimming show. Our incredible water ballet show is perfect for brand activations, corporate events and more. Our talented water ballerinas & underwater performers demonstrate astonishing skills that will leave guests mesmerised. This aquatic dance group are incredibly talented and have taken their show around the world. These graceful water performers will be sure to enchant the crowds at any event.

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Our synchronised swimmers for hire are an incredible group of performers who will blow you away with their skill. These accomplished water performers have travelled the world performing at a diverse range of events as they go. Our exciting underwater performers will be sure to mesmerise everyone at your next event.

These unique synchronised swimmers have 4 different show options for you to hire. The first is the Water Ballet Show. This water ballet show is incredibly elegant and provides unlimited grace to any event. Our water performers take inspiration from the legendary Cirque du Soleil as well as the iconic Esther Williams. Our mermaid entertainers performed this enchanting show at Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel fashion show.

The next option is the traditional synchronised swimming show. These talented aquatic dancers will perform a beautiful range of routines and poses as they delicately swim around the pool. Another option is the Underwater Aquarium Show. This unique show really has to be seen to be believed. Our incredible athletes perform underwater, completely submerged. This amazing underwater show has been performed around the world including in countries like Dubai. The underwater performers have received the highest level of scuba training and have swum with over 5000 species of aquatic life as they have performed. These underwater performers are highly trained professionals who will amaze with their underwater shows.

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International synchronised swimmers for hire. Book our water ballerinas & underwater mermaid performers for corporate events or fashion shows in the UK & internationally.

Our underwater performers offer an exciting and unique form of entertainment with their underwater shows. Our underwater performers can also demonstrate synchronised swimming whilst fully submerged in a pool. This is different from the norm and will leave guests mesmerised. Our underwater performers have a range of experience and know exactly how to entertain audiences of all sizes.

The final option is the Mermaids. Our stunning synchronised swimmers can dress as mermaid entertainers and seamlessly swim underwater enchanting and captivating people as they go. Our dazzling mermaid entertainers are the perfect option to hire or ocean-themed events where they will be sure to make an instant impact. Our water performers spend more time submerged in water than they do out of it. Our lifelike mermaid entertainers are also perfect for fantasy-themed events. What better way to enthral audiences than by having our mermaid entertainers perform in the water or on the shore. These meet and greet mermaid entertainers are perfect for a wide range of events.

Our internationally-renowned synchronised swimmers are a beautifully talented troupe of water performers who will create an exciting time for all at your next event. These accomplished mermaid entertainers have performed at a multitude of both corporate and private events which shows how versatile they are. Our synchronised swimmers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; product launches, fashions shows or corporate events across the world. If you would like to hire our water performers, simply get in contact today.

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