4D Virtual Reality Pods

Our high-tech 4D Virtual Reality pods are very popular with clients looking to make an impact at their event because the technology used is cutting-edge.

What types of events can I book a 4D Virtual Reality Simulator for?

VR simulators are available to book for a variety of events because they are so adaptable. These pods are especially popular for technology-themed events, such as arcades and exhibitions.

How does a VR pod work?

You choose a simulation / interactive game before sitting inside the motion Simulator. After this, place the virtual reality headset on, sit back and enjoy our fully-immersive, 360° virtual experience. The chairs move to simulate the movement of the game and makes you feel like you are really there!

It includes some additional effects such as a wind effect and leg swipe to enhance your 4D virtual reality experience.

The 4DX VR Simulator comes with a list of 15 games and simulations to enjoy, ranging from outer space exploration to walking amongst dinosaurs. As there is such a variety, there is an option for everyone to experience and enjoy!

Reasons to Book our 4d virtual reality pods

  • Popular with clients looking to make an impact at their event because of the cutting-edge technology.
  • 4DX pods are great for making an impression on your guests, as they are so high-tech.
  • VR pods come with several options, making it suitable for all audiences and requirements.
  • 4D Virtual Reality pods allow you to enjoy a fully-immersive, 360° virtual experience.
  • These Motion simulator pods can be booked anywhere across the UK.
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